Haslina (writer), Liyana, Syafinaz, Aini and Zulaika on their first time at KLCC.

By: Haslina Yaakub

A month ago, my friends and I went to KLCC for the first time because we want to meet Ustazah Fatihah and Aini, our friend who lives in Puchong. We also were going to have ‘usrah’ at Majid KLCC. We promised to meet Ustazah after Zuhur but we made decision to go out early so that we can walk around KL. We took bus at 10:00AM and it took almost 30 minutes to arrive at Pudu Station. Actually we want to stop at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, we could make a request to the driver to stop there. However, it was our first time, thus, we were clueless and just waited until we reached at the last station.

After safely arrived at Pudu Station, we were surprised by the huge number of foreigners. We were afraid and felt that we are not belonged to the place even though it is KL. Although we felt a bit awkward, we tried to ask around on how to go to Jalan TAR so that we can escape from that place and they told us that the easiest way to go there was by taking LRT.

Then, we went to the nearest LRT. It was LRT Plaza Rakyat. During our journey to the LRT, I looked around and saw there were many old people sat on sidewalk begging for money. Some of them were selling tissues. This situation saddened me. I never thought I would see this view in KL. It made me feel more grateful to Allah who always sustains me with continuous goodness, my parents who always take care of me, my friends who always be on my side and other gifts from Allah. If I want to make a list, it may never have the end.

We walked around Jalan TAR until Zuhur time. Soon, we took LRT to KLCC. We arrived earlier than we thought. We waited for Ustazah and Aini to come, and finally they arrived and we took some pictures together. It was really wonderful to meet Ustazah. We have not met her for almost a year and today is the day. We were hugging, chatting and laughing. It was a memorable moment personally to me.

We walked to Masjid KLCC to perform prayer and had ‘usrah’. The usrah was delivered by Ustazah in a simple and relax way. She made it in a light approach so that we could understand. The topic was about friendship and seven wonders of faith; love, taqwa (fear), sincerity, tawakkul (trust in Allah), patience, shukr (thankfulness) and hope.

Ustazah started the topic with Surah Al-Zukhruf verse 67. She also asked us to recite the selected Quranic verses. The verse told about the friends who will be enemies to one and another, except the friendship that is based on faith and taqwa. From this usrah, I understood that intention is a very important element in our worldly life and any type of relationship in this world like friend, lover or family must have Allah’s blessing as its sole goal. If it is done for other than Allah, it would mean nothing. We can achieve what the world wants, but how about our guarantee in the akhirah?

This is my story of going to usrah in Kuala Lumpur. Before we took our way back to our places, Ustazah treated us with Rotiboy, a famous coffee flavour bread in town. That was the first time we tasted it and it was delicious. Along my way, there were so many things I had learned. It was different from the daily lifestyle in my village or even in my university (Universiti Malaysia Kelantan) where we do not have high buildings, LRT and crowded cities. If I did not accept the invitation from Ustazah to join the usrah, I may not be able to experience all of these priceless moments, perhaps l would waste my time doing unbeneficial things.

Alhamdulillah, I am thankful for this journey and the lessons learned in it. I hope Alif Ba Ta and Humanity Heroes will continue to support the students like us who are not familiar with the challenges in big city. This usrah is a good platform for us to learn not only the Quran’s lesson but also the real experiences. It also helps us finding a proper source as we do not know where to go to have such a beautiful knowledge.


(This is an initial sis-to-sis usrah group under Alif Ba Ta which started in February. It aims for Muslim girls who want to learn Al-Quran and discuss the lessons from it. Our target is the needy like homeless, poor, orphans and other vulnerable people. These students do not have access to any centre to learn the Quran, so we at Alif Ba Ta provide the platform for them to continue learning and exploring the goodness so that they can also learn to help unfortunate people in the future)


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