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One of the most precious jobs which people can get involved is teaching or educating others. It is a task full of emotion, motivation and passion. No one has ever regretted of becoming an educator who can feed the craving souls the best of tasty knowledge. In Muslim’s perspective, the most noble education is to teach other Muslims how to read and understand The Holy Book (Al-Quran).

What is Alif Ba Ta?
We at Humanity Heroes have planned an initiative which is aimed to help Muslim refugees to be able to read Al-Quran. Our basic method is mentoring Muslim refugees (specifically women and kids) who never had a chance to learn it from the very beginning. We call this initiative simply by the first three Arabic alphabets; alif (آ), ba (ب) and ta (ت). We aim to teach them from zero and make them happily knowledgeable of their foundation of faith through reading Al-Quran properly.

In addition, we are also focusing on education for single ladies and moms who will attend our “tajweed” classes with their children. As a matter of fact, they want to learn Al-Quran. It is part of their routines as ordinary Muslims back then in their states.

“Read! With the name of your Lord.”

What are the technical aspects that need supports?
There are lots of facilities that we need which can be sponsored by any kind heart. Initially, Al-Quran or “mushaf” is the most wanted aid, as well as the Quranic books for beginners known as Iqra’, various flash cards and some colorful posters related to Quran education. For learning purpose, we want all of our students to have the note books and stationaries so that they can write everything they hear, look and see in the class. Besides, our volunteers who become their teachers need the white boards, markers, other stationaries and sets of LCD with screen. We wish to have our own A4 papers and printer too so that we can prepare for our passionate students the additional notes and exam questions.

As for mobility purpose, we are thinking that we shall fund a small allowance for our volunteers in terms of milages, taxi/ grab/ uber fare or fuel only.

What is our module?
We do not have a heavy-method module, so far. We will, first of all, teach them whatever is easy for them to understand the “tajweed” before they can read Al-Quran. Some creative YouTube videos will be shown as a blended learning process and a flipped classroom scheme where they can have their own time to continuing watching it after the class at their homes. We want them to enjoy the session without any stress. Having said that, we are open for any upcoming strategic development plan that can be used for the achievement of our students in identifying, reading, memorizing and understanding Al-Quran in the future. InshaAllah.

One of the early days of Alif Ba Ta class, 19/10/2017

Any pilot program at the moment?
Yes, indeed.
We are currently having collaboration with Rohingya Women Development Network (RWDN) in Jalan Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the community-based organizations which is recognized by UNHCR.

Earlier, the class was scheduled every Thursday, 2.00PM to 4.00PM. Starting November 2017 until recently, the class is conducted every Tuesday 11.00AM to 1.00PM. Our beloved Rohingya students want to have more than a session per week, therefore, we are adjusting the schedule the best we can and welcoming more volunteers to turn up and join us for this purpose.

Who can grab the opportunity of becoming our volunteers?
Absolutely anyone!


The project will continue to extend to the next phases and perhaps will be able to join bigger communities in the future. We would like to open a golden opportunity with our warmest welcome to anybody who is humanitarian responsible person.

Generally, we are looking for volunteer who is:

  1. willing to help wholeheartedly
  2. able to work in team
  3. keen to help teachers regarding internal and external needs
  4. can be a peer to the students in the class
  5. basically knowledgeable in the Quranic “tajweed”
  6. familiar with the correct Quranic recitation

We do not need all volunteers to become teachers, some of you can participate as contributors and facilitators. The following positions are available to anyone in this project:

  1. Teacher
  2. Facilitator (teacher’s assistant)
  3. Researcher (able to provide data or information needed by the teachers)
  4. Logistic volunteer (managing venues and transportations)
  5. Technical volunteer (managing the needs for teaching and learning process)

We particularly have a standard requirement for the volunteers who can be the teachers. The qualifications are listed as follow:

  1. Knowledgeable in correct Quranic recitation according to the right principles
  2. Knowledgeable in the Quranic “tajweed”
  3. Able to differentiate pronunciations and alphabets according to inability of the students
  4. Able to recite the Quranic verses correctly
  5. It is a bonus for those who have learned different recitations of Al-Quran
  6. It is a big bonus for those who have certificate in Quranic recitation

The qualification is utmost important, but we are looking for the one who can spend his/ her time, effort and willingness to help the refugees in learning Al-Quran. It is beyond humanity that anyone can sacrifice for others to be benefited from Al-Quran and any related humanitarian aid.

May Allah bless the beautiful souls and the good hearts.

We are looking forward to have more fun Quran classes with other refugee communities (inshaAllah other vulnerable people and the needy too) in a near future, so come and join us!

A hope for education starts with Iqra’.













Thank you, love and peace!


(For more info and how you can contribute in kind or mind, please contact our Leader at: +60193078122 -Fatihah Mubarokah-)