Registration: Weekly Conversational Arabic Class

Thank you for your interest in the weekly Conversational Arabic class.

What: Arabic language is a co-official language with the Somali language in Somalia. Take this chance to learn conversational Arabic at Somali Community School for Refugees in Malaysia.

Why: The Somali Community School for Refugees need more funding to help sustain the operation. Instead of just depending on donations, it is better if they could also share their expertise in Arabic language. Find out more about them here.

How: There will be no fixed fee at the moment. Your donations, will be used to sustain the Somali Community School for Refugees currently educating around 70 students. They need more help than you can imagine.

Who: Just anyone can join this class as it is open to all races and religions! However, this class is for adults only for now.

When: We are planning to start the weekly class on the 3rd weekend of June 2015 (20th or 21st). However, it will be depending on the number of students registered. We will be updating and contacting you on this very soon.

For more info, please contact us here. Thank you for registering! 🙂
  • Your current level at understanding and speaking Arabic. We are expecting anyone with little to no Arabic but everyone is welcomed!
  • We are considering to have Saturday and Sunday class options. Which session do you think suits the best with your free time for now?
  • How long do you think is the most suitable duration of a class? (of course there will be short breaks)
  • The fee will be by donations for now but we will be charging in the future. What do you think is the reasonable approximate amount of fee per class?