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Yesterday when I was preparing myself to go to the class, one of my teachers informed that there was no electricity in the building where we supposed to teach Iqra’. I was late due to unintended occurence. They proceeded the class anyway. First, they had to take the stairs to go to the 5th level.

When I arrived, the electricity was still unavailable. I parked my car at a private area which I was pretty sure it was an offence. What to do, lack of parking area is our main problem every time we come here. But for the sake of educating them with Al-Quran, our teachers keep coming and readily be used to it.

I stepped up through the same stairs. It was dark. All offices were disrupted and every level looked gloom. Few minutes passed, I stopped my steps, looking around for a second, then realized it was not the 5th level. I took a breath, stepped again to the final level with a peace in heart.

And like scrolling light, the bright in the class ensured me that I had finally arrived at the right place.

It was an eye-opener to see everyone was busy teaching and learning. While other offices chose to take a break from their duties, the teachers; in their deep sincere passion, chose to spread out the trapped light. Our beloved students shined in hot air and cold mind.

It was a short moment. Nevertheless, it was enough to show me something. If every good thing in this life has vanished, hope will always be alive.

And to keep believing in a good cause, we must believe in hope.

It will always be alive.

Scrolling light,
It calls your name silently,
From the coast you’re standing,
You follow the path,
Catching the mute notes,
Listening to your own spirit,
Drowning, in the sea of hope.

If today is not showing you a miracle,
Know that miracle is just ordinary,
You will discover one-
Like a candle,
In their dim eyes.

The darkness yesterday was brought out by the flame, I found in my teachers’ eyes. May God The Almighty bless them. #keeptheblessings


(The poem “Scrolling Light” is written today, 1630hrs at Mahallah Maryam, IIUM. It is the 5th poem for Alif Ba Ta, in conjunction with 5th level “without electricity in the class”).

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