The Alphabets (I)

//The Alphabets (I)

The Alphabets (I)

“A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.” -Robert Frost

January 17, 2018: Performing “The Alphabets I” at poetry night with Mic Drop team at The Grind22, Bangsar, hosted by Open Mic Malaysia (by Alif Ba Ta leader, teacher Fatihah)

Once upon a time in my dream,

I had a secret kept in a deep sea of love, joy and happiness.

   Dreaming that I could reach those calling eyes,

   and gift away the lending heart,

   in an attempt to create butter and cream,

   of the rotten wheats.

You, might want to give a try with a simple guessing.

Never expected it would spark the dream to glow-

and follow the same dream you had splendidly chased.

   How strange we even not expected miracles,

   whereas miracles appear timely perfect.

In the footsteps of a blessed heritage,

we are now counting the alphabets in our unseen depository.

   Wishing that every alphabet comprehended,

   shall sparkle as our saviors.

   Great dream turned deed for humanity and togetherness. 

The alphabets,

Uttered with hardship

By the lips of fellowship

Smoothly dancing 

Under chandeliers of guardianship 

Slowly, slowly formed

The knights of battleship

For the alphabets.

Often we dream to have the future-

as high and bright as the light,

without somehow realizing,

   that the right path was chosen

   to make it fall on the ground-

   where the light is meant to actually arrive. Silently

Written by Fatihah Mubarokah on January 15, 2018, Universiti Putra Malaysia. The verses at the centre are dedicated specially to our hardworking, beloved teachers and students at RWDN. #keeptheblessings

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