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(English, Burmese, Arabic, Somali, and Persian)

Dear all,
Asylum Access Malaysia have created 5 telegram channels to share resources, information, news and other related matters from AAM that are helpful to refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia. We have recently opened two new channels for Somali and Burmese languages. We are working on having other languages in the coming months. NGOs, NGIs, case workers, CBOs, partners and others may also join the English channel.

Here are the links:

🔹1- English Channel: https://t.me/asylumaccessmalaysia
🔹2- Burmese Channel: https://t.me/aamburmese
🔹3- Persian Channel: https://t.me/aampersian
🔹4- Arabic Channel: https://t.me/aamarabic
🔹5- Somali Channel: https://t.me/aamsomali

Thank you. Please share with your communities!

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