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We all know Cambodia had undergone a traumatic event of war not so long ago. The aftereffect of this unfortunate event had cost the country so much and the younger generation are most affected.

Last year, under an international volunteering program MyCorps, I and 48 other volunteers were deployed to the third poorest district in Cambodia to observe firsthand their struggle, most of them survive on minimum 1$ (RM4) a day to feed entire family.  With this minimum earning, education particularly preschool education is a luxury item for most of them; far than afford. To spend on school uniforms, the fee and learning materials are not in their priority list. Most importantly there are no preschools near to begin with. When we were told our deployment mission is to build preschool infrastructure, it came as a big blow to me followed by timeline schedule, everything MUST BE READY IN 1 MONTH, the thought is further shoved to the IMPOSSIBLE category. Regardless, with the spirits fumed by fellow volunteers, supports (financial and words) from Malaysian and helps from the local Cambodians, it proved otherwise.

And now the preschool stand tall; being the only fully equipped school in the area that screams HOPE for younger generation. The first year of its operation, seen 20 kids equipped with fundamental skills and knowledge to give them confidence for later stage of education. 

There are more of them, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be savored. There might be a lot of times people have tried doing what we are doing, and many have succeeded and some have failed. The best thing is they tried. We want to continue sustain the preschool, and their operation cost is estimated at minimum RM27,500 a year. Though nerve wrecking, I know it is not going to be easy, but not impossible too, and we don’t want to regret later thinking that this might have gone successful.

Friends, I know a lot of you may have donated somewhere at least once in your life for someone and you are unsure whether that donation has done something, and I cannot promise either if our effort will change everything, but I strongly believe it will be fruitful and change something. In my life, I have made donation and volunteered in several movements partially but this is my first time I am trying to help directly and asking people to support for the cause my fellows and I initiated.


Since this campaign started months ago, I remembered the first RM50 I collected from a dear friend. A young struggling graduate who has yet land a permanent job, hopping a part time job to another yet rather spend his savings to a meaningful cause. He thought me that to do good, you dont need much. Here on, I am stepping forward with a fear of failure but also with a hope of success. I dont want the preschool died underused, and I dont wnt the children stuck in the poverty cycle as their elders,  and I want to see world in better version. Share this story with your friends and family and together lets contribute something to give these kids education. The amount is big to oneself but it is nothing if everyone help with a little.



Humanity Heroes Network 

(Maybank) 5644-9041-9508

Reference code: RVC2 (compulsory)

Send bank transfer slip to

revisitcambodia2@gmail.com and




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