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Well, I have committed myself to be part of the team #revisitcambodia2

For those who have not yet came across with the promotion, propaganda and all; pertaining this, well here I am  to cement your attention on this mission (hahaha, at least that is what I envisioned).

So, when I went on telling my colleagues and boss that I will be away for a week in September, they were like Wah.. jalan lagi? Best nye, travel je.”. And I replied “Haah, we are going back to Cambodia for a revisit mission, to get the preschool that we built to be perfectly organized and administered”. Immediate responses were: scratching head and puzzle, puzzle, and puzzles.

It is totally different responses if you tell them you are going for a vacay. Sun bathing, relaxing in a suite, floral showering, massage and spa, fine dining or even if you backpack; the scenic photographs, the new adventure; they are different. They all want to learn new story from you not the boring repeating stories, especially when this lad always talk about the previous mission (like I really need to move on). So questions evolve.

Do we love Cambodia so much? What is the need of going back to Cambodia especially to the exact place you went before? Why don’t you guys go to a new place and create anew?


Ok first, we gave birth to the only preschool there in the rural area of Anlong Samnar in 2016. So that was like our own baby but we have to give up the baby for adoption and hoping that the baby will grow up and will change the community for the better. After all, “BUILT AND SPONSORED BY THE MYCORPS MISSION 2 VOLUNTEERS AND THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA 2016” were engraved on the preschool for everyone to see. What if the preschool left rotten without good administration? Not that we don’t thrust our NGO partner there, but we especially thrust them that we want to work and collaborate with them for a lifetime. The generosity of Malaysian people that make the preschool stand tall and in glory shouldn’t go to waste, that is what drives us forward. 

Secondly, not so long after mission ended, our comrade Sir Siraj (c0-author of Hanya Senyummu Yang Terlihat), went on solo mission and helped with recruitment of teacher and students. He raised enough money to support school books and uniforms that made possible for the preschool to start lesson early this year. Yea, Well done to Siraj and the people of Malaysia, yes YOU!.

Following his mission, we gathered information related to management and administration of the preschool with help from local NGO (CEDF). Since the preschool is still a crawling baby, we need to nurture the baby till it grows well independently. Aside from giving goodies to the kids, we packed this mission with dreams and plans to ensure and inspire a sustainable formula for the preschool through their local communities. We plan and collaborate with our partner NGOs to enrich the local communities through skill development hoping they can help to sustain the preschool and empower these younger generations which will ultimately furnish their community.

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