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Calling for Donations!

Refugee Emergency Fund (REF) is a non-profit group initiated in 2017 by a team of passionate social activists and fundraisers for refugee communities in Malaysia. Since then, REF has supported over 500 cases requiring urgent medical attention like accidents and critical illnesses. We also contributed towards deliveries, rental, food, education and burials. REF is turning into a life line and continues to receive requests that include life saving interventions.

You can help ease the pain of those approaching us for urgent assistance. Donate to REF, and help them through mishaps and illnesses. Together we can give refugees a chance at a dignified life.

Please donate any amount that you can. Even RM1 makes a big difference in their lives!

Bank Details:
Pertubuhan Harapan Al-Ikhlas KL dan Selangor
860 4384 914

📲 For enquires, kindly contact us at:
refugee.emergencyfund@gmail. com or Whatsapp 01127441303

Follow us on Social Media for updates, stories, appeals and announcements:
▪️Facebook www.facebook.com/refugeeemergencyfund
▪️Instagram www.instagram.com/ref.malaysia

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