#CCCCC Guideline

You can be the person who is the one donating or helping to manage on behalf of the donor. The most important thing is to use the list and update the columns the right way.

  1. Once you are in the list (https://ccccc-list.humanityheroes.org/), find the State tab of where you are located right now.
  2. Click on it and check on the list to find any requests from your area. Area will be sorted by alphabetical order.
  3. The location should be 5-10 kilometres maximum away from you.
  4. Do not consider if it is too far that it might get you into trouble with authority unless you are ordering online.
  5. Look at what is needed and if you can fulfil it for them.
  6. Contact the person, verify that the request is still not fulfilled yet and ask everything you need to know about the items needed.
  7. If some of the things are too expensive or not possible to acquire, inform the person in need and offer alternative option.
  8. Tick the “I want to fund this” checkbox in the list if everything is agreed and you plan to commit. The row in the list will turn yellow.
  9. If you are representing or managing for a donor, fill up your own name and NGO, group or individual in the dedicated column otherwise leave empty.
  10. Then fill up the donor’s name, organisation, phone and email (compulsory for reference only) so we may contact you to check on any completed requests if needed.
  11. Check if you can simply get everything online to be delivered.
  12. Otherwise preferably only go out the next time you need to buy things for yourself.
  13. Update the remarks column with the current or latest progress for the request.
  14. Be in touch and keep the person in need updated of any situation.
  15. Buy everything needed and stop by the person’s location on the way back right after shopping.
  16. Inform the person in need that you are leaving the items at the door or the building’s dedicated delivery spot.
  17. Leave the place and avoid contact with anyone including the person you are delivering to, for COVID-19 safety precaution.
  18. Contact via phone call or text afterwards if the person received the items to confirm delivery.
  19. Go back to #CCCCC list and tick “Request completed” checkbox and select the “Date completed” from the drop down menu.
  20. Update the previous remarks or leave a comment if needed for everyone’s reference.

Legend: Green is available and needing help. Yellow is funded and in progress. Red is done and completed.

Reminder: Do not tick “I want to fund this” (yellow) even if you have shared the request everywhere UNLESS you have a confirmed donor.

Note: Include the hashtag #CCCCC on anything you share that is related to this initiative especially on sharing any request out.

Important: Always use a face mask and hand sanitiser regularly. Wash your hands with water and soap every time you come back home from outside. Preferably take a shower and wash your clothes straight away. DO NOT violate the law and regulations that is in place at any time.

Email [email protected] for more info on #CCCCC