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#CCCCC is an effort to centralise all the needs by anyone in Malaysia to make it easier for contributors to identify them and help in a more effective and efficient manner. It is very simple, you either critically in need of something or you have the resources to help someone. Check this link out and help pass it to someone in need or willing to contribute.

#CCCCC adalah satu usaha penyelarasan keperluan oleh sesiapa sahaja di Malaysia untuk memudahkan para penyumbang mengenal pasti dan membantu dengan cara yang lebih berkesan dan cekap. Ia cukup mudah, samada anda memerlukan bantuan kritikal atau anda mempunyai sumber untuk membantu seseorang. Lihat pautan ini dan tolong sampaikan kepada sesiapa yang memerlukan bantuan atau bersedia untuk menyumbang.


People/places needing contributions: We understand that you probably need a lot of things at this hard time but if possible, try to only submit your critical needs so potential contributors may consider and make quick decisions in assisting you and many others out there. Thank you very much for being patient!

Potential contributors: Thank you so much for considering and helping the people with critical needs. Take note that you may help by paying, making arrangements for things and do not have to physically be there. Kindly ensure to update the list accordingly to avoid redundancy. Thank you so much again!

NGOs and groups: Kindly share your list by submitting the form so others may help them too. Please help attend to the needs and update the list so there won’t be any redundancy to maximise everyone’s effort and resources. Email us your logo and website so we can include it in our website to let everyone know about your great work.

Refugees: Kindly help forward this to your community leaders for them to submit the form for the critical needs required by your communities. Please avoid submitting this as an individual. Let your community leaders in your area help manage and coordinate everything instead. Help them to help you.

Community leaders: Please try to fill it up as clear and as accurate as possible. Keep it simple and straight to the point. Make sure the information is all correct before submitting. Consider including only the people who you are able to help deliver or for them to collect. Avoid crowd or mass distribution at all costs.

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