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COVID-19 Crisis Contribution Centralised Coordination or #CCCCC is an effort to centralise all needs by anyone in Malaysia to make it easier for contributors and donors to identify them and help in a more effective and efficient manner.

This project is initiated by Humanity Heroes Foundation in collaboration with Andalus Ventures Foundation, Yayasan Yara, Caremongering Penang, Volunteer Fleet and Giving Back with assistance of many other independent organisations, volunteering groups and individuals.

We allow Malaysians, refugees and others to submit their needs and have received around 2,000 requests of various sizes from individuals, families and communities. We have completed more than 500 requests and in order to provide more aid, we need your financial support to help us.

Each food pack may cost from RM50-100 per household that will last for 1-2 weeks. We are aiming for 50-100 households for now and will gradually increase it based on needs. You may donate by credit, debit, charge cards, any Malaysian online banking, Paypal, major e-wallets and manual bank transfer via this form.

Check https://ccccc.humanityheroes.org/ or email us at admin@humanityheroes.org for more info on this project. View the donation wall of this project here

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