Projek Kurma

This campaign is now closed. Thank you for your donations!

The Dates Project is the togetherness program between students and the Syrian Refugees in Izmir, Turkey organised by Malaysia Stands with Syria (MSWS) in conjunction with the Team International Assistance for Integration (TIAFI). This project is to encourage all of us to contribute to the society particularly to the Syrian refugees while pondering over the depth meaning of Ramadhan.


1. To encourage Muslims to observe the month of Ramadan as the month of worship as well as concern about other Muslims.
2. To enliven the charity culture especially to the refugees.
3. To enhance the volunteerism skill among the volunteers by helping the refugees.
4. To cultivate the sense of teamwork among the volunteers.

1. Tour TIAFI.
2. Iftar & tarawih.
3. Mass cleaning.
4. Food pack distribution.
5. Iftar & Eid’s takbir.
6. Cooking fest.
7. Carnival for children.
8. Home visit.
9. Lunch allocation for one month.

MSWS is an organisation initiated in 2016 by the Malaysian students who currently studying in Turkey to stand along with the Syrian refugees in Turkey. In an effort to encourage students and others to contribute to the society particularly to the Syrian refugees, at the same time to ponder on the depth meaning of Ramadhan, MSWS in conjunction with TIAFI have proposed to organise the project called “Projek Kurma” (the Dates Project) with the Syrian refugees. This project is the extension of the previous recent project of MSWS which is “Misi Selimut untuk Syria” (The Blanket for Syrian Mission).

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