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RM10,872 of RM180,000 raised

School of Life

Refugee children in Malaysia are denied access to the formal education system. There are around 24,000 refugee school-going ages children in Malaysia but only 30% are enrolled in community learning centres. Humanity Heroes adopted existing centres in Malaysia, rebrand it to School of Life and improve the quality of education by streamlining and standardising systems and processes across the schools. Help us create future leaders by providing education to more than 360 students (4-20 years old) from 14 different countries.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

RM15,000 = RM3,000 rental x 5 schools (RM180,000 1 year)
RM15,000 = RM1,000 salary x 3 teachers x 5 schools (RM180,000 1 year)
RM2,500 = RM500 electricity x 5 schools (RM30,000 1 year)
RM1,000 = RM200 internet x 5 schools (RM12,000 1 year)
RM500 = RM100 water x 5 schools (RM6,000 1 year)

Total RM34,000 = 1 month expenses x 5 schools
Total RM408,000 = 1 year expenses x 5 schools

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