UNYC UKM Mobility to Cambodia 2020

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United Nations Youth Chapter (UNYC) is one of the students societies in the National University of Malaysia with its own focus mainly to uphold the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as well as educating people especially students on global issues, volunteerism and human rights.

Our activities are not only limited in campus, but also to provide help and service to the needy, children, senior citizens and the public generally. UNYC also celebrate certain United Nations holidays by conducting events, to give the opportunities to the members, enjoy the benefits and contribute to the people as well as environment.

For the purpose of upbringing and support to the implementation of SDG, UNYC will expand its network to Cambodia in order to instil the right balance of humanitarian values and good relationship in education especially for the betterment of ASEAN community.

Our idea for this year mobility is to tackle poverty from different perspectives such as creating opportunities for good and secure livelihood. Besides, we also concern on the exchange of knowledge, explore and experience the education system in Cambodian institutions.

Person in charge: +60133814822 (Zarifah)

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