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Dear friends,

Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia is collecting donations.

May it be in kind or monetary help. Food Bank Malaysia provides for students stranded in their universities, the front liners may they be the doctors, nurses, helpers, polices, and those working in the essential needs sector, homes, and the needy.

This will be used to purchase more food supplies and everyday essential use like soap, mask, toothbrush and toothpaste, and also the logistics arrangement. Let me know if you have pledged donation to our account as we will need your info to send you a tax exemption receipt.

Whatsapp : Sarah Lee (0102266570)

Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia
Maybank (5660-1063-0584)
Reference : FBCOVID19

Thank you in advance!

Oh ya! If you wanna help out with free lorry and driver very very much appreciated ya!

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