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Gaza Community Rehabilitation. Help us send the fund needed to Gaza! 100% of your donations will be channeled directly to our local partner.

1. Medical aid
2. Physiotherapy
3. Occupational therapy
4. Psychosocial support
5. Assistive devices
6. Capacity building to caregivers (dressing, medical care & essential rehabilitation skills)

Donate Now!
Fund Needed: RM196,000.00

Donate online: http://nccr.humanityheroes.org/
Payment by: Credit, debit, charge cards, Paypal, Malaysian online banking.

Maybank: Humanity Heroes Network
Account: 5644 9041 9508
Reference: NCCR
Email: finance@humanityheroes.org

Local partner: 
The National Centre for Community Rehabilitation (NCCR)

Humanity Heroes
Website: https://humanityheroes.org/
Email: admin@humanityheroes.org

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