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• Explore your rights and options, including the discussion of the next steps you may take (e.g., access to protection, understanding legal rights, consultation with social workers)
• Shelter support for women survivors of abuse
• Legal aid (e.g., information on legal processes surrounding SGBV cases, basic marriage and custody advices, child protection policies etc)
• Emotional support
• Wanting some advice and assistance to move your SBGV cases forward (e.g. unhelpful agencies, unsure of legal steps etc.)
• Or any questions pertaining SBGV occurrences.

Even if WAO’s services could not be the best option, we would try our best to provide additional resources

You may also reach out to:

AWAM Malaysia +60162374221

Telenisa +60128123424

WCCPenang +601131084001/+60164480342

Tenaganita +60123350512/+60123395350

Talian kasih 15999/ WhatsApp +60192615999

*SGBV stands for Sexual & Gender Based Violence

Instagram: womensaidorg

Twitter: womensaidorg

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