Global Youth
Challenge Malaysia

Local to Global: Entrepreneurship Training & Competition 2022

What is GYEC Malaysia?

GYEC Malaysia is a national chapter of GYEC Global. We are organising Malaysia’s first ever national competition of the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (GYEC) 2022. This national business idea hackathon is open to all secondary school students between the ages of 14-19 in Malaysia. The objectives of this national competition is to introduce students to the foundations of entrepreneurship, to equip students with practical skills of business plan writing and presentation, and to select award winning students who can join the global GYEC.

“The GYEC aims to encourage young people’s entrepreneurship and develop their knowledge and experience of enterprise. It gives an opportunity for teams of high school students from around the world to solve a significant global problem through an innovative and sustainable enterprise idea. They also learn to apply their knowledge of science and technology in a practical way.” – GYEC Global

Why Should You Join?

For teachers:

  • Your students will get the opportunity to compete to win the national competition on entrepreneurship.
  • The three winning teams will be delegated from Malaysia to compete in the GYEC in the global stage in May 2022. It will be an honourable event for you teachers and schools, as well as for students.

For students:

  • You will get the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship in the two workshops.
  • You gain the experience of competing in the national competition.
  • If selected as one of the three winning teams, you will delegate Malaysia as a national delegation member!
  • E-certificate will be provided.

Who Should Join?

  • a student who likes to compete,
  • a student who is interested in entrepreneurship,
  • a student who wants to grow by challenging your potential, or
  • a student who wants to team-up with your peers to compete and get awarded!


  1. All team members are aged 14 – 19 and attend secondary school in Malaysia (Students have to be attending secondary school as of 27th May 2022. All members have to be as such. You cannot include anyone who is not in this category. For example, including one university student is not allowed).
  2. The team has to have a supervisor (teacher).
  3. The team comprises minimum 3 and maximum of 8 students.
  4. The team can organise the venue and ensure it fits the purpose for online participation. (has reliable internet access, etc.) We encourage team members together and work in the same place for the 12 hours competition. However, due to the pandemic situation, you can gather online using remote conference apps. In any case, you need to secure reliable internet access and email capability in order to compete in the online challenge. All members of your team should be working for 12 hours together during the competition.
  5. Communication devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.) that you can use for the following purposes:
    a) to join Zoom workshops,
    b) to write business plans, and
    c) to make presentation videos.
  6. Good internet connection
  7. Your time commitment on Saturday 19th March, as well as attending optional training workshops on Saturday 5th March and Saturday 12th March.

Registration Schedule

Registration will be open on Monday 7 February 2022 online on this website.

The registration will be closed on 28 February 2022.

Three winning teams will join the global competition on 28 May 2022!



10:00-12:00 hours – Workshop 1

– Opening
– Part I: Training on business plan writing
– Part II: Empowerment panel talk on “Why entrepreneurship now? Prospects for students”
– Wrap up, Q&A, and preparation for next week

10:00-12:00 – Workshop 2

– Opening
– Part I: Training on presentation video making
– Part II: Sharing panel talk on “Why should we go global?”
– Wrap-up, Q&A, and preparation for next week

Competition/Hackathon – 12 hours competition

08:00 -Challenge Announcement
10:00 -Submission of team photos
18:00 -Submission of Business Plan
20:00 -Submission of Presentation Video
21:00 -Submission of Online Questionnaire

Announcement of competition winners.

The winning 3 teams must register to Global Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2022, which will be held on 28 May 2022.

Special note: Attending the whole 3 days event is truly recommended. Although attending the workshops is NOT mandatory, your attendance to these workshops can earn you extra points that will be considered as a merit in the competition on Saturday 19 March.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I make a team with students from another school?

Yes, you can. Although teaming up with your peers from the same school is recommended for making it easier for you to prepare, work together, communicate, etc., it is acceptable to apply in a team with students from different schools. If you are forming a team with students from different schools, please have the teacher/supervisor from one of those students’ schools.

Can we apply without a supervisor? We can handle all communication and registration.

No. Having a supervisor (teacher) is a must. We do not accept registration by students only.

Can my parents be the supervisor, not my teacher?

No. We ask your teacher to be a supervisor.

I am home-schooling / studying at a tuition centre. Can I apply?

Yes, as long as your age is 14 – 19 and you study as a secondary student does. You must specify which study programme you attend for your studies.

Does every team member have to have a communication device?

No, you can share a communication device with your teammates, as long as you can physically get together and share the device.

Do I need to have Malaysian nationality?

No, students with any nationality can apply. Likewise, supervisors may be international.

How many teams can join the Malaysian competition from the same school ?

There is no limited number per school. We accept as many teams as one school wants to send. However, please note that only one team can be selected within the three winning team to represent from Malaysia to the global competition in May 2022, as it is the regulation of the global competition.

Is our registration final in terms of members of the team? Can we change our team members in case an emergency or necessity happens?
We highly recommend you register with your final and fixed team members, in order to make the registration process smooth. However, if there is an emergency case that you need to change your team members after registering your team, please contact us. We will do our best to support your request.


Registration and participation in the national competition is free.

Thank you for your application. Registration is now closed.


Hosted by:
GYEC Malaysia Organising Committee

Chairperson: Hui Ling Lee, Lecturer at University of Nottingham Malaysia
Committee Member: Ai Goto, Founder and Project Initiator at CHANGE Education Project
Committee Member: Wei Ching Lim, Independent Education Producer
Committee Member: Ashraff Rahman, Founder and CEO of Humanity Heroes Foundation

Content partner:
Yayasan Antarabudaya Malaysia

In Partnership with:
1. CHANGE Education Project, Japan / Malaysia
2. Humanity Heroes Foundation, Malaysia
3. YWCA Vocational Training Opportunity Centre, Malaysia

Global Host:
Center for Entrepreneurship Development, Japan

Approved by:
Kementrian Pendidikan Malaysia (Ministry of Education, Malaysia)

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