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Please help to support The Afghan Actors Theatre Group to put up the theatre production ofDREAMS”….. a charity play which will be performed by Afghan refugee children in Malaysia.Proceeds will be given to the Nahel Afghan Community Centre …a community centre for the Afghan refugees in Ampang. “DREAMS” will highlight the plight of refugees and the issue of inequality in our society drawing a parallel to endangered species on earth.

The cast of “DREAMS” is a group of Afghan refugee children….all amateur young actors, first time performing on a big stage in front of a large audience.

The play will be held on 6th7th December 2017, at Dpac, Empire Damasara.

Volunteers are needed :

1.To help us to monitor this page

2. Transporting of crew and casts to and fro theatre and lodging

3. Supply of food and beverage

4. Photo- taking/Video-recording

5. With the cost of scripts printing/program

6. Merchandise – T-shirts

7. A cash donation to help production cost of the drama.


Spread the love