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This is Prebet (Private) Suffian of the Delta Company, 1st Battalion of the 515 Rejimen Askar Wataniah (Territorial Army Regiment), Kuala Lumpur. On behalf of our unit officers, I am beseeching the good people’s assistance to help provide food type assistance for the families of our comrades below who are currently affected by Covid and are under quarantine:

1164877 Korporal Bahrain Bin Sharif
6164571 Korporal Azmarizal Bin Mat Ali
1183703 Korporal Muhammad Azwan Bin Md Nawawi
6273360 Prebet Rajalecmy AP Muni Raja

The NCOs above have been been our trainers, seniors, mentors, and more importantly, family members at the unit. They are also frontliners who in the process of protecting others, might have contracted the desease themselves. These heroic breadwinners have small families of their own who are in need of food assistance similar to the bakul makanan concept. Currently, other food aid applications take long time to process and reach.

Please approach the officers named below for inquiry and assistance:

Leftenan Rahim
Adjutant, 515 RAW

Leftenan Muda Zulkipli Bin Hashim
Deputy Commanding Officer, Delta Coy

Our comrades have sacrificed their time and efforts volunteering as part-time soldiers and have dedicated their commitment to be professionally trained and competent members of our Regiment. If you are interested to help, kindly also share information on the list of items that will be included in such packages/boxes.

Gempur Wira!

6285801 Prebet Suffian Samsuddin
Delta Coy, Batalion 1
515 Rejimen Askar Wataniah

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