Feeding the Needy


Not all in KL fortunate to have a roof above their head and have at least meal per day. There are some in KL who need as much as we can give and more.

Feeding the Needy (FTN) aims to provide food to the homeless/urban poor/physically-challenged every Thursday in the heart of KL. We distribute off Jalan TAR near CIMB & Tune Hotel. If resources permit we will proceed to to give out food at a few other places.

Together with our friends, family, sponsors, contributors and volunteers, we are just concerned members of society who would like to provide good food, some snacks and love, and make a difference. We not only distribute food, we also take the time to talk to our street clients so that we may learn more about them. By learning more about them, it helps us to understand how can we help more than by just giving out food.

We constantly work together with other teams/groups such as #smalllamb #freemarket #mystreetinterview #rol #pitp in order to provide only the best for our street friends.

One hundred percent of the monetary donations received are utilised for their food that we catered. The team does not charge for operating expenses or administrative fees. Donated items are rationed and given out each week. We volunteer our time and energy to organise, prepare and execute FTN so that people are not left starving in our own streets.


Organisation type:

Base location:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Areas of work:
• Food security
• Livelihood
• Agriculture

• Persons with disability
• Children
• Senior citizens
• Homeless
• Women
• Men

Contact person:
Mimi Liana Nasharuddin


+6019 280 9275

Kuala Lumpur