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Come and join the Klang Valley City Nature Challenge happening this weekend! We are looking for citizen scientists to help us document wildlife in our urban jungle

You can help in FOUR ways

  1. Plan an event with your group/community anywhere in the Klang Valley area anytime between 27~30 April
  2. Download and  activate the iNaturalist app and take a few minutes to snap what you see around you, whether along a hiking trail, in a field, outside a building, or on the street.
  3. DIY at home. Get your members, friends and/or family to download the iNaturalist app, snap what they see around them, and upload!
  4. Join one of our events: see poster for listings, and contact us directly if interested (um.rimba@gmail.com).

If you are interested, please contact us so we can follow up with you and your groups.

iNaturalist is as user-friendly as popular apps like Instagram and Pokémon Go. And don’t worry if you cannot identify what you observe: just name it to the best of your ability (e.g., plant, butterfly, bird), and let the online iNaturalist community do the rest!

Visit our website for resources to help you get started and, if you’re up for taking it a step further, get identifying!

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