Humanity Heroes WhatsApp and Telegram Group Guidelines

Humanity Heroes WhatsApp and Telegram Group Guidelines:

1. This group is about sharing humanitarian and volunteerism matters that can benefit others. The more people know and able to participate, the better is the world.

2. You may post anything and everything from anyone or any organization as long as it is all related to humanitarian and volunteerism of any topics.

3. If the info, image or document you want to post is accessible online, post the link to it instead to avoid unnecessary phone space and internet data usage.

4. We suggest that you mute this group and disable auto media download to avoid unwanted notifications and unnecessary phone space & internet data usage.

5. Free things, discounts, job vacancies and opportunities are nice and helpful but if it’s not related to humanitarian and volunteerism, do not post it.

6. Strictly no advertisement for any businesses of any kind. This is not a platform for profit making entities and it is not the reason why people are here.

7. Avoid posting any ‘chain’ messages, images, quotes, etc. even if it’s related to humanitarian and volunteerism. Lets do something more meaningful and productive.

8. Questions and conversations related to shared things are alright but avoid unrelated empty talks in the group. A little is ok but don’t get carried away.

9. Be reminded that there are many people from different countries, cultures, religions and backgrounds in this group. Be inclusive and respect each other.

10. If anyone encounter any issue related to this group or have any suggestion, please contact us at +60376245778 or email