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Rest and Rejuvenate.
Since we started our support of the frontliners back in April this year, we have been working non -stop 7 days a week. It’s exhausting but we feel happy that we managed to do our bit in keeping our boys gainfully employed as productive individuals as well as actively supporting our front liners. You can’t imagine how satisfying it was for us to see the positive outcome of our boys and the smiles of appreciation from our front liners.

However, we are human beings and a short break from the frenetic pace will do wonders for us. Hence, we are taking off from supplying meal packs to the frontlines for a week. Instead, we are doing a smaller initiative of supplying meal boxes to orphanages for those in need every Friday. Please do support this initiative as orphanages are also in a difficult situation now as funding and donations are drying up these difficult days. Many of us have also lost our jobs and this is more reason why we want you to support our Friday initiative. Help them and support our youths with autism at the same time. Thank you.





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