The Vet : My Wild and Wonderful Friends


Title: The Vet : My Wild and Wonderful Friends

Author: Luke Gamble

Type: Paperback


Fresh out of university, vet Luke Gamble joined a mixed practice in Dorset, run by the stern but benevolent Mr Spotswode. He found himself quickly thrust into the real world of veterinary medicine: truculent farmers, out-of-hours-surgery, nasty biting squirrels, operating on frog’s eyeballs and some of the harsher facts of farming life, like dealing with a tragic outbreak of foot and mouth.

Luke dreams of setting up his own practice, and finding his place in the big wild world. These dreams, however, are never quite as straightforward as they may seem. In the first instalment of his memoir, the young vet not only learns much about his trade, but also learns a lot about himself, along the way developing a group of close friends, both animal and human. The most important of these is Cordelia – the woman of his dreams – and his quest to win her heart is a marathon.

Warm-hearted, witty and full of weird and wonderful tales, The Vet is the perfect read for animal lovers.

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