Alif Ba Ta


Who can grab the opportunity of becoming our volunteers?
Absolutely anyone!


The project will continue to extend to the next phases and perhaps will be able to join bigger communities in the future. We would like to open a golden opportunity with our warmest welcome to anybody who is humanitarian responsible person.

Generally, we are looking for volunteer who is:

  1. willing to help wholeheartedly
  2. able to work in team
  3. keen to help teachers regarding internal and external needs
  4. can be a peer to the students in the class
  5. basically knowledgeable in the Quranic “tajweed”
  6. familiar with the correct Quranic recitation

We do not need all volunteers to become teachers, some of you can participate as contributors and facilitators. The following positions are available to anyone in this project:

  1. Teacher
  2. Facilitator (teacher’s assistant)
  3. Researcher (able to provide data or information needed by the teachers)
  4. Logistic volunteer (managing venues and transportations)
  5. Technical volunteer (managing the needs for teaching and learning process)

We particularly have a standard requirement for the volunteers who can be the teachers. The qualifications are listed as follow:

  1. Knowledgeable in correct Quranic recitation according to the right principles
  2. Knowledgeable in the Quranic “tajweed”
  3. Able to differentiate pronunciations and alphabets according to inability of the students
  4. Able to recite the Quranic verses correctly
  5. It is a bonus for those who have learned different recitations of Al-Quran
  6. It is a big bonus for those who have certificate in Quranic recitation

Alif Ba Ta team.