Refugee Fire Victims

Emergency Appeal: Urgent Help for Refugee Fire Victims



Update (6-Feb-2017 / 0000 hours): We have officially closed this emergency appeal and donation drive for the Ampang refugee fire victims. Any donations received after this will be channeled to Humanity Heroes refugee general fund. Thank you very much for your kind donations and contributions that they now have a place to call home again.

Humanity Heroes would like to bring your attention to a recent fire incident in Ampang on Friday, 13 Jan 2017. There were about 15 families and 7 individuals (20 houses) that were affected by the fire that took place at about 2am. Among them were 7 refugee families and 6 individuals from Myanmar, most of them Rohingya. They lost everything they had in that fire, some managed to only save their UNHCR documents. They are now seeking temporary shelter in a DBKL hall in Taman Maluri. The government has mentioned that they would provide temporary housing for the Malaysian families, but not for the refugees. On top of that, they have been informed that they will need to vacate the DBKL hall sometime this week.

The refugees have expressed concern regarding the short notice, especially since they have lost all their money and belongings in the fire. Renting a new space would mean that they would need the 2+1 deposit and also the bare necessities for moving in to a new place. UNHCR is unable to fully support them due to their limited resources. Based on the assessment done, they would require a total of RM20,000 to pay for their house deposit and some cash assistance for them to purchase necessities like groceries, hygiene kits, undergarments, etc.

MYR 3,000 x 5 – House 2+1 months deposit for 5 houses (few families sharing a house)
MYR 500 x 10 – Cash assistance for the 10 families + individuals involved (for their necessities)
MYR 20,000 – Total


Any amount of donation can be made to the following bank account. Please include the reference code below in your transfer to ensure that your donation goes to this specific purpose. Please email if you require a receipt.

Account Name: Humanity Heroes Network
Bank: Maybank Berhad
Account Number: 5644 9041 9508
Reference: Fire20k
Telephone: +60122644213 (Ash)

For international bank transfer, the following are the details you may need.

Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
Branch Code: 644904
Address: Lot C-21-C, Concourse Extension, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone (Local): +603 2026 0239
Telephone (Overseas): +603 7844 3696

Please notify us at when the bank transfer is done. Kindly make sure to include your name, the amount of your donation, date and time the transfer was made and your contact info. This will help us track your donation and update the latest donation status.

Food & Non-food Item Contribution

Carefugees is coordinating food and non-food item contributions. Items are to be dropped off at Bangsar by 30 January 2017. Please contact any of the following telephone numbers for more info and drop off location.
(Food item examples: Rice, cooking oil, sugar, tea, milk powder, lentils, flour, biscuits, canned sardines, eggs, spices, etc)
(Non-food item examples: Shampoo, toothpaste, bath soap, toothbrushes, hair combs, sanitary napkins, undergarments, etc)

Shida: +601121370569
Azra: +60162094500
Maria: +60136761675

Donations Received

The following are the donations received via Humanity Heroes bank account for this appeal:

23-Jan-2017 RM50.00 M******** H***** A**..
23-Jan-2017 RM150.00 S****** B**** M**..
23-Jan-2017 RM100.00 H* S*** M**
23-Jan-2017 RM100.00 A***** B**** A****
23-Jan-2017 RM10.00 Z****** E*********
23-Jan-2017 RM300.00 N**** I** B**** J**..
23-Jan-2017 RM10,000.00 A**** B**** M*** S*****
23-Jan-2017 RM20.00 R****** N****** B**..
23-Jan-2017 RM1,000.00 M**** S********** M..
23-Jan-2017 RM30.00 K***** S*******
23-Jan-2017 RM300.00 N*** A**** B**** A*..
23-Jan-2017 RM20.00 N** S***** B**** M*..
23-Jan-2017 RM50.00 R***** B**** Y****
23-Jan-2017 RM50.00 U** N****** B**** M..
23-Jan-2017 RM100.00 H**** B**** M***
23-Jan-2017 RM50.00 W*** S*** P***
23-Jan-2017 RM500.00 F****** K********
23-Jan-2017 RM1,000.00 D**** O** B**** A**..
23-Jan-2017 RM3.00 N***** H******
23-Jan-2017 RM200.00 S******** S**** A**..
23-Jan-2017 RM50.00 J******* R*** W***..
23-Jan-2017 RM800.00 W*** T***** H***
24-Jan-2017 RM200.00 H****** B**** H****
24-Jan-2017 RM1,400.00 Z******* B* M******
24-Jan-2017 RM5,000.00 U**** S***** B****..
24-Jan-2017 RM500.00 Z******* B* M******
24-Jan-2017 RM500.00 S******* B**** M* H..
24-Jan-2017 RM150.00 L******** M****** K..
24-Jan-2017 RM500.00 S******** B**** A**..
24-Jan-2017 RM57.00 K******* B** A****..
24-Jan-2017 RM80.00 E********** B*..
24-Jan-2017 RM500.00 T** Y** W**
24-Jan-2017 RM100.00 A**** R*****
24-Jan-2017 RM50.00 M* Z***** Z***** A*..
24-Jan-2017 RM200.00 S**** S***
24-Jan-2017 RM300.00 S******* N******* B..
24-Jan-2017 RM500.00 C**** V*** S** @ T*..
24-Jan-2017 RM500.00 I** S******* B****..
24-Jan-2017 RM50.00 F**** A**** B**** S..
24-Jan-2017 RM75.00 H****** B**** M***..
24-Jan-2017 RM100.00 F**** B**** M**..
24-Jan-2017 RM300.00 R***** N** A**** R*..
24-Jan-2017 RM15.00 S******* A****** B*..
24-Jan-2017 RM500.00 M******* B**** J***..
24-Jan-2017 RM80.00 N** D*** V** H*****
24-Jan-2017 RM500.00 M****** B**** M* S*..
25-Jan-2017 RM1,000.00 Z******* B**** A****..
25-Jan-2017 RM1,000.00 Z******* B**** A****..
25-Jan-2017 RM300.00 S****** B**** M****..
25-Jan-2017 RM100.00 R****** N** Z******..
25-Jan-2017 RM100.00 N** S****** B**** M*..
25-Jan-2017 RM50.00 P*** R****** B*..
25-Jan-2017 RM50.00 N**** A****** B****..
25-Jan-2017 RM200.00 N****** B**** M**
25-Jan-2017 RM350.00 K****** B* A***..
25-Jan-2017 RM100.00 N** N***** B**** A*..
26-Jan-2017 RM500.00 N****** B**** I****..
26-Jan-2017 RM100.00 D****** H*** B*..
26-Jan-2017 RM800.00 C*** W** K***
26-Jan-2017 RM300.00 O*** H***** B* S***
26-Jan-2017 RM500.00 S*** B**** I****
27-Jan-2017 RM1,000.00 A***** S******** B*..
27-Jan-2017 RM200.00 B********* B** I***..
27-Jan-2017 RM75.00 A*** S***** N**..
27-Jan-2017 RM2,000.00 C*** K*** C****
30-Jan-2017 RM50.00 N** A*** M*** A**
30-Jan-2017 RM150.00 N***** B**** I*****
31-Jan-2017 RM100.00 N****** N******
1-Feb-2017 RM1,332.00 H***** I******
2-Feb-2017 RM100.00 J**** T*** C***
3-Feb-2017 RM100.00 H****** H*****

Total: RM37,597.00 (6-Feb-2017 / 0000 Hours)

Can’t find your donation in this list? Did you include the reference code? Email us at and we will assist you.


24-Jan-2017 / 0700 hours: We have received the RM20,000 in 15 hours! Thank you very much for your kind contribution! We will keep this open for sometime to receive more donations which will be used to purchase necessities like groceries, hygiene kits, clothing, mattresses or any basic furnitures in need. 100% of the fund will be used for them. Carefugees is also coordinating on items contribution drop off which is on this webpage. For now, we will be assisting the related party to coordinate on the new houses. Keep on checking this webpage for updates. Thanks! 😀

26-Jan-2017 / 1200 hours: We visited the refugee fire victims this morning to coordinate the sharing of the new houses and currently finalising the search. We will be contacting the landlords very soon to deal and pay the 2+1 deposits directly. We hope they will be able to move in the new houses immediately as they will need to move out from DBKL hall in Taman Maluri before 1 February 2017. We plan to provide some cash assistance to the families and individuals soon for them to purchase the necessities. If you would like to donate food and non-food items, please refer to a section on Carefugees in this page.

29-Jan-2017 / 2345 hours: We have dealt with the landlords and paid deposits for 2 houses (2 rooms each) plus 6 individual rooms for all the refugees to move in. 5 families and 3 individuals have started to move their belongings to the new houses and rooms last night. The other 2 families will vacate the DBKL hall and move in their new house by today. We have given some cash assistance to all 7 families and 3 individuals for them to purchase any immediate necessities. We are currently getting mattresses, pillows, baby mattresses and table fans for all the houses and rooms at the moment.

30-Jan-2017 / 2230 hours: Many shops were closed for Chinese New Year but we managed to get 21 mattresses and 21 pillows for the 16 adults and 5 children, 5 baby mattresses and pillows set for the 5 babies and 10 table fans and 10 plug point extensions for all 10 rooms in 4 different locations. All items were handed over to the families and individuals directly. Carefugees will be delivering the food and non-food items they have collected from their side soon. Humanity Heroes will be doing a needs assessment right after to identify the next usage of the fund.

31-Jan-2017 / 2105 hours: We will officially be closing the emergency appeal and donation drive by midnight on Sunday, 5 February 2017. We have not utilised the balance of the fund just yet and currently waiting for Carefugees to deliver the food and non-food items they have collected on their side.