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Salam! Hello!

There is this brother we have come to know and care for from our volunteering days. Recently his mom fell ill. He closed his business to care for her and has been paying for her medical fees and all day to day expenses for him and his family. He has 4 children, 12, 8, 5 years old and 4 months old who is a down syndrome.

Things have gotten really bad and the bank was foreclosing on the house. He got really desperate and took a loan from the loan sharks. Initially they were cool with him paying monthly but 2 months ago they asked him to pay in full. They have made visits to his house and he is really worried for the safety of his little children.

He needs 14k to pay the loan sharks and settle everything. He felt he had nowhere to go to hence he turned to the loan sharks. He already made a police report and consulted PPIM (http://ahlong.ppim.org.my/) and managed to get the 20% daily compound interest stopped for now.

From our dealings with him, we would say he is a generous man and supports the deen anyway he can. We are asking for your help to contribute whatever you can spare. Thank you so much!

Options and Bank Details

Option 1: You LOAN him some fund to settle everything. He will pay back the same amount to Humanity Heroes when he get the money and we will pass the fund back to you.

Option 2: You DONATE him some fund to settle everything. He will pay back the same amount to Humanity Heroes when he get the money in a form of funding Humanity Heroes humanitarian projects which will then benefit others.

Account Name: Humanity Heroes Network
Bank: Maybank Berhad
Account Number: 5644 9041 9508
Reference: OurBro
Email: finance@humanityheroes.org

For international bank transfer, the following are the details you may need.

Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
Branch Code: 644904
Address: Lot C-21-C, Concourse Extension, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone (Local): +603 2026 0239
Telephone (Overseas): +603 7844 3696
Website: http://www.maybank2u.com.my/

Please notify us at finance@humanityheroes.org when the bank transfer is done. Kindly make sure to include your name, telephone number, email, loan or donation option, the amount, date and time the transfer was made. This will help us track your loan/donation and update the latest donation status.

Donations Received

Goal: RM14,000

Total Received: RM10,150.00 (7-Aug-2017 / 2035 Hours)

The following are the donations received via Humanity Heroes bank account for this appeal:

5-Aug-2017 Z***** B** M****** *OurBro RM500.00 (Loan/Donation?)
4-Aug-2017 T***** A***** *OurBro RM500.00 (Loan/Donation?)
4-Aug-2017 K****** I***** B***.. *OurBro RM200.00 (Loan/Donation?)
4-Aug-2017 HumanityHeroesTris R***** Y**** *OurBro RM500.00 (Loan/Donation?)
3-Aug-2017 HumanityHeroes F**** K*** W** *Ourbro RM500.00 (Loan/Donation?)
3-Aug-2017 Hum heroes sedeqah N** A**** B**** N** *OurBro RM300.00 (Loan/Donation?)
2-Aug-2017 A** A**** B** M****.. OurBro RM500.00 (Loan/Donation?)
2-Aug-2017 IBG PAYMENT INTO A/C S****** B**** A.. OurBro RM100.00 (Loan/Donation?)
31-Jul-2017 IBG PAYMENT INTO A/C M******* I**** OurBro RM2,000.00 (Loan)
31-Jul-2017 OurBro S**** B**** M******.. MEPS FUNDS TRA RM500.00 (Donation)
31-Jul-2017 MEPS FUNDS TRANSFER U***** A***** B****.. MEPS FUNDS TRA RM200.00 (Donation)
31-Jul-2017 No option 🙂 Q***** F****** B***.. OurBro RM50.00 (Donation)
31-Jul-2017 OurBro – Loan S**** B**** M******.. OurBro – Loan RM3,000.00 (loan)
31-Jul-2017 Fund Transfer M* M**** A**** OurBro RM1,000.00 (Loan)
31-Jul-2017 IBG PAYMENT INTO A/C A***** B* G**** OurBro RM100.00 (Loan/Donation?)
31-Jul-2017 IBG PAYMENT INTO A/C `E********** B* OurBro RM200.00 (Loan/Donation?)

We will consider your contribution as donation unless you specify otherwise. Can’t find your loan/donation in this list? Did you include the reference code? Email us at finance@humanityheroes.org and we will assist you.