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“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Update – 23-Sep-2017 / 8.00 am: Our fundraising deadline is 22nd September 2017. However, we have decided to extend our fundraising mission for another 7 days until 30th September 2017. This extension is in view of our own observation of the good work by the local NGO, CEDF in managing the preschool and their dire need for funds to sustain the preschool operations. Please help to share our plea and to donate to #revisitcambodia2. You can also follow our Instagram account, revisitcambodia2 (https://www.instagram.com/revisitcambodia2/) to check out snapshots of our journey and activities during our stay at Pret Angkor Village, Anlong Samnar, Cambodia from 16th – 22 September 2017.



Around 90% of the poor Cambodians live in the countryside[1]. Due to their poor living conditions, most of children in the rural areas could not afford to attend public school. Some children are already put to work in the paddy field to support their families and in other cases, the school is too far away. Further,  the quality of Cambodia’s primary education was scored at 2.9 out of 7 by the World Economic Forum (114th out of 140 countries)[2]. These barriers to education place the underprivileged Cambodian community at a disadvantage as they lack public voice and have limited access to basic public services and better livelihood opportunities. 

A plea for a Community Preschool Project

In January 2015, Cambodian Education and Development Fund (CEDF) surveyed 50 families in one of the poorest community at the Prek Angkor Village, Nglong Samnar Province. It was found that only 1.5% of the 44 children aged 1 to 5 years old, are registered and go to public kindergarten. The reason for this small figure is due to:

  • Poor livelihood and lack of support from local authority,
  • Parents are working far away from home
  • No one takes them to school; and
  • schools are far away from their homes.

Education plight in Anlong Samnar, Cambodia

Some families could barely earn 1 US dollar per day. YOU could make a difference to their children's future. Pledge your support and donate to #revisitcambodia2. Their learning begins with YOU http://humanityheroes.org/revisitcambodia2/ #cambodia #mycorps #anlongsamnar #humanityheroes #changinglives #mycorpsalumni #siemreap

Posted by Humanity Heroes on 24hb Julai 2017


Due to this need and the request from respondents, CEDF proposed to initiate a Community Preschool Program (CPP) to enroll 25 kids aged between 4 to 6 years old, to participate in project activities and to also support and facilitate the children to continue their primary level education.

In light of these issues, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Malaysia had agreed to support CEDF and deployed 49 volunteers under MYCorps Mission 2: Cambodia  in 2016 to build a preschool complete with toilets and playground. The completed preschool project was subsequently handover to be managed by CEDF in early December 2016.

Managing the preschool 

The early childhood development program at the community preschool has commenced its first-year academic session in April 2017 for 20 children. However, CEDF has estimated that an annual management cost of around USD$5000 (RM21,550.00) is needed to sustain the preschool operations. They plan to explore a more sustainable financial plan after 3 years, when the preschool operations are more stabilized. Meanwhile, CEDF is currently sourcing for private funds to help run and maintain the preschool.


#revisitcambodia2 mission

Under the #revisitcambodia2 project, MYCorps Alumni in partnership with CEDF and Humanity Heroes aims to achieve better-quality education at the preschool by ensuring the following:

  1. Fulfillment of  basic needs of the students; physically and mentally that contribute to their development
  2. Good parenting knowledge and skills of the parents to ensure holistic education at school and at home
  3. Capacity building for teachers to ensure the learning activities are inclusive and relevant


A small team of MYCorps Alumni volunteers will be returning to the Pret Angkor Village, Nglong Samnar on the 16 – 22 September 2017. Together with CEDF, we will carry out activities with the preschool children as well as community engagement. To achieve the project objectives effectively, we are targeting to raise RM27,500 (US$6,381) by 22 September 2017 to supply the basic needs of the preschool for 2017-2018 session and implement the 1-week #revisitcambodia2 program activities.

The target funds breakdown is as shown below:

  1. Teacher’s salary RM9,482
  2. Learning and teaching materials RM2,866
  3. School uniforms RM2,371
  4. Nutritious food for students RM1,724
  5. Training for students and mothers RM1,293
  6. Training & workshop for teachers RM1,724
  7. Maintenance & gardening RM2,586
  8. Program management cost RM5,454

TOTAL = RM27,500



Any amount of donation can be made to the following bank account. Please include the reference code below in your transfer to ensure that your donation goes to this specific purpose. Please email if you require a receipt.

Account Name: Humanity Heroes Network
Bank: Maybank Berhad
Account Number: 5644 9041 9508
Reference: RVC2
Email: revisitcambodia2@gmail.comcc: finance@humanityheroes.org
Telephone: +6017385 8108 (Atiqah)

For international bank transfer, the following are the details you may need.

Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
Branch Code: 644904
Address: Lot C-21-C, Concourse Extension, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone (Local): +603 2026 0239
Telephone (Overseas): +603 7844 3696
Website: http://www.maybank2u.com.my/

Please notify us at revisitcambodia2@gmail.com when the bank transfer is done. Kindly make sure to include your name, the amount of your donation, date and time the transfer was made and your contact info. This will help us track your donation and update the latest donation status.

Charity Sale

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Secret Fairy Kit Campaign

Update (01-Sep-2017, 11 pm) : The target amount of RM1000 (RM40 per fairy kit for 25 kids) has been successfully raised. Any subsequent donations received for the secret fairy kit campaign shall be channeled to #revisitcambodia2 main funds.

Donations Received

Goal: RM27,500

Total received: RM23,352.40 including RM1,000.00 for fairy kits (26-Sep-2017 / 5.00 pm)

The following are the donations received via Humanity Heroes bank account for this appeal:
26-Sep-2017 RM153.60 Charity sale profit
23-Sep-2017 RM300 U**** K**** F******
22-Sep-2017 RM40 M****** F***** Z***
22-Sep-2017 RM100 M*** R***
22-Sep-2017 RM40 A*** A*****
22-Sep-2017 RM100 A*** A**** A**** R*****
22-Sep-2017 RM1200 S***** S*******
22-Sep-2017 RM100 S******* S******
22-Sep-2017 RM100 A**** A**** R*****
21-Sep-2017 RM50 M****** F***** Y****
21-Sep-2017 RM50 R****** H*****
21-Sep-2017 RM400 M*** R**** R***
20-Sep-2017 RM50 M****** G**** M*****
20-Sep-2017 RM250 A** S******* I****
20-Sep-2017 RM100 A*****
20-Sep-2017 RM100 M******* I**
19-Sep-2017 RM100 A*****
18-Sep-2017 RM60 A******* S**********
18-Sep-2017 RM1125 N******* Y****
18-Sep-2017 RM101 N********* Y****
18-Sep-2017 RM8.30 M******* S****
17-Sep-2017 RM50 P***** N** H******
16-Sep-2017 RM300 S**** A***
15-Sep-2017 RM500 Z***** R*****
15-Sep-2017 RM50 A********
15-Sep-2017 RM50 S****** R******
15-Sep-2017 RM50 A********
15-Sep-2017 RM3000 K********** B**** & S****
14-Sep-2017 RM100 C*** Z**
14-Sep-2017 RM50 W** N***** H**** W** A*******
14-Sep-2017 RM50 N******* M*** Y****
13-Sep-2017 RM200 R****** I******
13-Sep-2017 RM100 N**** T***** M*** S*****
13-Sep-2017 RM70 N******* Y****
13-Sep-2017 RM300 M******* H**** A** M****
13-Sep-2017 RM136 N**** I***** B*****
12-Sep-2017 RM200 H****** S******
12-Sep-2017 RM200 R****** A**** R***
11-Sep-2017 RM100 N******* Y****
11-Sep-2017 RM500 HM770
10-Sep-2017 RM300 N** I*****
10-Sep-2017 RM200 N**** N****** M*****
09-Sep-2017 RM350 N******* Y****
09-Sep-2017 RM250 M****** Z*****
08-Sep-2017 RM472.50 Charity sale profit
08-Sep-2017 RM10 I****** S*******
08-Sep-2017 RM150 N******* Y****
08-Sep-2017 RM50 E*** E****** M* E**
07-Sep-2017 RM100 M******* F***** Y****
07-Sep-2017 RM120 Z**** I****
07-Sep-2017 RM50 W** N** A***** W** Z******
07-Sep-2017 RM50 N** A** N*******
06-Sep-2017 RM547 N******** Y****
06-Sep-2017 RM150 N**** A***** R****
06-Sep-2017 RM50 S********** S*****
06-Sep-2017 RM10 N**** A*****
06-Sep-2017 RM20 J****** Y****
05-Sep-2017 RM30 N**********
05-Sep-2017 RM50 S*** N** S*******
05-Sep-2017 RM250 S******* A*******
05-Sep-2017 RM5 S*** N** S******
04-Sep-2017 RM300 N****** Y****
04-Sep-2017 RM300 S******* M*** A**
03-Sep-2017 RM250 M******* S**** A**** A***
01-Sep-2017 RM320 S***** S******* (Secret Fairy ?)
01-Sep-2017 RM350 N****** Y**** (Secret Fairy ?)
01-Sep-2017 RM100 Z****** M****** (Secret Fairy ?)
01-Sep-2017 RM100 Z****** M******
01-Sep-2017 RM200 A**** A*****
31-Aug-2017 RM560 S***** S*******
31-Aug-2017 RM50.00 H***** H******
31-Aug-2017 RM50.00 H***** O*** (Secret Fairy ?)
30-Aug-2017 RM25.00 M******* S**** A**** A***
30-Aug-2017 RM30.00 A*** Y***** A** K****
29-Aug-2017 RM100.00 F**** H***** I*****
28-Aug-2017 RM50.00 N******
27-Aug-2017 RM100.00 S*** F****** Z*****
27-Aug-2017 RM300.00 A***** S***** I****
26-Aug-2017 RM40.00 M******* S**** A**** A***
26-Aug-2017 RM10.00 M******* S**** A**** A***
26-Aug-2017 RM100.00 P***** N*********
22-Aug-2017 RM1,000.00 G***
21-Aug-2017 RM10.00 A*** N** F*******
18-Aug-2017 RM7.00 M******* S**** A**** A***
18-Aug-2017 RM340.00 A*** J******
18-Aug-2017 RM50.00 H******* J***
18-Aug-2017 RM400.00 S****** O*****
17-Aug-2017 RM80.00 A**** Y****
16-Aug-2017 RM200.00 N******* Y****
16-Aug-2017 RM100.00 W** F**** H*****
16-Aug-2017 RM5.00 Z****** M******
16-Aug-2017 RM50.00 Z****** M******
15-Aug-2017 RM50.00 A**** N******
15-Aug-2017 RM32.00 M******* S**** A**** A***
14-Aug-2017 RM100.00 F**** N*******
14-Aug-2017 RM70.00 S***** M* S***
14-Aug-2017 RM40.00 F*** M** H*** (Secret Fairy ?)
13-Aug-2017 RM5.00 M******* S**** A**** A***
13-Aug-2017 RM40.00 Z** S** Y* W** ( Secret Fairy ?)
12-Aug-2017 RM100.00 N**** T***** S*****
12-Aug-2017 RM100.00 Z****
11-Aug-2017 RM50.00 A*** H******
11-Aug-2017 RM100.00 I**** F**********
11-Aug-2017 RM50.00 I****** O*****
10-Aug-2017 RM100.00 I** H***** (Secret Fairy?)
09-Aug-2017 RM100.00 J**** J******
09-Aug-2017 RM70.00 N** A***** K*****
08-Aug-2017 RM50.00 H****** M*******
08-Aug-2017 RM250.00 M*** N***** S*******
08-Aug-2017 RM10.00 M******* S**** A**** A***
07-Aug-2017 RM10.00 F********* B****
07-Aug-2017 RM100.00 T** C*** Y**
05-Aug-2017 RM50.00 N**** H*** M****
02-Aug-2017 RM365.00 M******* S**** A**** A***
01-Aug-2017 RM150.00 T**** S**** H******
31-Jul-2017 RM100.00 N**** A****** R*****
31-Jul-2017 RM100.00 A****** N******
28-Jul-2017 RM100.00 M****** A**** R****
28-Jul-2017 RM100.00 N********* M*** Z**
28-Jul-2017 RM100.00 O***** J****
28-Jul-2017 RM100.00 N******* S******
27-Jul-2017 RM50.00 N**-A** M*** D*****
26-Jul-2017 RM50.00 M*** I**** A** M*** L****
26-Jul-2017 RM200.00 S*** M*****
25-Jul-2017 RM300.00 N******** Y****
24-Jul-2017 RM50.00 K****** D***
24-Jul-2017 RM200.00 N******* A**** R*****
23-Jul-2017 RM200.00 C**** C*** C****
22-Jul-2017 RM300.00 M*** S****** N****
21-Jul-2017 RM50.00 N*** N****** H****** H*****


01-Sep-2017/11 pm : The target amount of RM1000 (RM40 per fairy kit for 25 kids) has been successfully raised. Any subsequent donations received for the secret fairy kit campaign shall be channeled to #revisitcambodia2 main funds.

23-Sep-2017 / 8.00 am: We have raised RM23,148.80 including RM1,000.00 for fairy kits. Our fundraising deadline is 22nd September 2017. However, we have decided to extend our fundraising mission for another 7 days until 30th September 2017. This extension is in view of our own observation of the good work by the local NGO, CEDF in managing the preschool and their dire need for funds to sustain the preschool operations.