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Malaysia is not a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention, so refugee children are considered illegal immigrants and they have no access to government-funded schools in Malaysia whether they are registered with UNHCR or not. Many attend informal learning centres or community-based classes organised by the community. According to the United Nations refugee agency in Malaysia, the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), there are a total of 150,379 people of concern. 25,499 are under the age of 18, with 23,823 of school-going ages but only 30% are enrolled in 133 community learning centres around Malaysia.

Whether we assist or not, the learning centres are still going to be there and the communities are struggling from month to month trying to sustain the school in providing education to their children so that one day, it could make a difference and change their fate in the future. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 in ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning, Humanity Heroes adopted some existing learning centres and assist them to improve everything by rebranding it to School of Life and streamlining the school system by phases so they are all more structured and standardised.

We hope this will build confidence and open more opportunities to partnership and collaboration with corporations and organisations which should lead to a better sustainability and overall quality of education delivered in the schools. The name School of Life is chosen in the spirit of learning everything about life and open to all, regardless nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, age or any social identifiers. So, the learning will not just be in the typical classroom setup but hands-on activities inside and outside of the schools too. We are also aiming to provide education and life skills to adults in the community in the future.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

-Nelson Mandela

Running Costs

School of Life Medan Idaman, Gombak
(Nationality: Somalia & Yemen)
Taman Ibu Kota, Gombak
(Nationality:Afghanistan, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan & Yemen)
Taman Berjaya Baru, Kajang
(Nationality: Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Libya & Sudan, Syria)
Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
(Nationality: Myanmar)
Bandar Baru Ampang, Ampang
(Nationality: Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine & Syria)
Students 90 pax (Age: 4-17) 30 pax (Age: 4-15) 30 pax (Age: 4-17) 85 pax (Age: 4-6) 70 pax (Age: 4-18) 305 pax
Rental RM3,000 RM3,000 RM2,000 RM2,400 RM2,000 RM12,400
Electricity RM300 RM200 RM300 RM450 RM500 RM1,750
Water RM100 RM50 RM50 RM180 RM200 RM580
Internet RM200 RM200 RM200 RM200 RM200 RM1,000
Workforce RM2,180 (RM300 x 3 teachers, RM500 x 2 teachers, RM280 x 1 coordinator) RM4,280 (RM600 x 5 teachers, RM1,000 x 1 teacher, RM280 x 1 coordinator) RM4,280 (RM600 x 5 teachers, RM1,000 x 1 teacher, RM280 x 1 coordinator) RM3,430 (RM1,050 x 3 teachers, RM280 x 1 coordinator) RM2,280 (RM500 x 4 teachers, RM280 x 1 coordinator) RM16,450
Total RM5,780 RM7,730 RM6,830 RM6,660 RM5,180 RM32,180
Van fuel RM100 x 4 weeks RM400
Van driver RM500 x 1 driver RM500
Contingency RM204x 5 schools RM1,020
Grand total RM34,000

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Banking Details

Any amount of donation can be made to the following bank account. Please include the reference code below in your transfer to ensure that your donation goes to this specific purpose. Please email if you require a receipt.

Account Name: Humanity Heroes Network
Bank: Maybank Berhad
Account Number: 5644 9041 9508
Reference: SOL
Telephone: +60122644213 (Ash)

For international bank transfer, the following are the details you may need.

Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
Branch Code: 644904
Address: Lot C-21-C, Concourse Extension, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone (Local): +603 2026 0239
Telephone (Overseas): +603 7844 3696

Please notify us at when the bank transfer is done. Kindly make sure to include your name, the amount of your donation, date and time the transfer was made and your contact info. This will help us track your donation and update the latest donation status.

Donations Received

The following are the donations received via Humanity Heroes bank account for this appeal:

Total: RM2,477.00 (30-Mar-2018 / 0245 Hours)

29-Mar-2018 Keep up the good wrk A*** B** A**** R*** *School of Life RM250.00
23-Mar-2018 S*** F****** B* A** *School of life RM20.00
22-Mar-2018 L******O** L****** P****** *SchoolLife RM500.00
16-Mar-2018 F**** N***** B* A.* *SOL RM57.00
14-Mar-2018 School Of Life M****** B**** M**** *SOL RM300.00
14-Mar-2018 W** N** S****** B** *SOL RM50.00
13-Mar-2018 Donation A*** B**** R**** *SOL RM600.00
12-Mar-2018 S****** H**** B**** *SOL RM700.00

Can’t find your donation in this list? Did you include the reference code? Email us at and we will assist you.

The following are the donations received via Humanity Heroes bank account for this appeal:

Total: RM11,000.00 (3-Apr-2018 / 0000 Hours)

3-Apr-2018 SOLMIG FOR H**** D**** O** B**** A** *SOLMIG RM950.00
30-Mar-2018 SOLMIG AMAL HAB D**** O** B**** A** *SOLMIG RM1,000.00
28-Mar-2018 HH SOLMIG N**S**** D**** O** B**** A** *SOLMIG RM5,900.00
26-Mar-2018 Infaq N*** D**** B**** K* *SOLMIG RM500.00
26-Mar-2018 IBG PAYMENT INTO A/C K******* B**** SOLMIG RM500.00
26-Mar-2018 N***** N****** B*** *SOLMIG RM100.00
23-Mar-2018 N**** L**** B**** F *SOLMIG RM500.00
23-Mar-2018 M****** B**** M**** *SOLMIG RM100.00
23-Mar-2018 S********* B** O*** *SOLMIG RM100.00
23-Mar-2018 Donation A*** B**** R**** *SOLMIG RM1,000.00
23-Mar-2018 for deposit/rental N** N**** B**** N** *MEPS FUNDS TRA RM250.00
22-Mar-2018 N*****’*** B**** I* *SOLMIG RM100.00

Can’t find your donation in this list? Did you include the reference code? Email us at and we will assist you.

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