Somali FC

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As part of a sustainable livelihood program and in conjunction with Kindness Futsal Cup this 3rd April 2016, Humanity Heroes is planning and forming a futsal team (17 and below for now) for the Somali Refugee Community in Malaysia. They love playing football and they are very good at it. Given the right opportunity, enough exposure and constant structured training, they have a huge potential in becoming one of the best team around.

The ultimate goal is to win each tournament they participate in so the cash prizes will more or less able to help them with sustaining their livelihood. While doing something they are passionate at and realising that education is very important for their community, they are also helping to sustain the Somali Community School by splitting any cash prizes they win from any tournaments they will participate in the future and contribute it to the school.

You can help provide livelihood opportunity to the Somali community and indirectly sustaining the Somali Community School by contributing to the needs of this futsal team as per the estimated budget below listed by priority.

RM450 – Team jersey (RM30 x 15 pieces)
RM1,998 – Friendly/training weekly court rental (RM111 x 2 hours x 9 weeks)
RM135 – Drinking water for weekly friendly matches (RM1.5 x 10 players x 9 weeks)
RM225 – Energy drink for weekly friendly matches (RM2.5 x 10 players x 9 weeks)
RM105 – Drinking water for game day (RM1.50 x 10 players x 7 matches max)
RM175 – Energy drink for game day (RM2.50 x 10 players x 7 matches max)
RM200 – Goal keeper gloves (RM100 x 2 pairs)
RM200 – Futsal ball (RM100 x 2 units)
RM900 – Shoes (RM90 x 10 pairs)
RM200 – Shorts (RM20 x 10 pairs)
RM120 – Field training small goal post (RM60 x 2 units)
RM100 – 10 pieces set training disc cone (RM50 x 2 sets)

RM4,808 – Grand total

The team is currently having daily training sessions at a nearby field in the community in Taman Melati area supervised by a coach and manager. You can also contribute by inviting them for a friendly match and sponsoring the court rental and energy drink/drinking water preferably at their ‘home’ court in Jalan Genting Klang (maybe not up to your court quality/condition expectation) as it will be easier for them to go. They can still play at any courts, provided there are volunteers to pick the 10 players up from Taman Melati and send them back after the friendly match. Alternatively, you can also sponsor their transportation there and return.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact their representative, Ashraff Rahman at this contact form, email address, or mobile, +60122644213 at any time of the day. Your contribution goes a long way! Thank you!