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Repost from The Fourth R:

Looking for a way to make a change? Do you have a cause you’re passionate about? What if we told you that you could take care of Mother Earth and support a social cause at the same time? Good news! We at The Fourth R can help to transform your trash into impactful cash to support your cause, thrusting a sense of purpose into your recycling effort.

We need your support! As a young Social Enterprise, raising capital to deliver our vision is a challenge. We’re looking to raise a total of RM60k to help with the launch our first ever recycling centre for our flagship project, #RecyclingWithPurpose, at Sunway Pyramid Mall 🛍

We understand that there are currently many other causes in need, however we strongly believe that donations towards our project can create a massive ripple effect in providing sustainable financing through what would otherwise be considered worthless: your waste 🗑

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Donate now and be part of the T4R recycling journey ♻️ Remember, being sustainable isn’t hard, but reversing the damage will be.

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