Our Goal

RM20 of RM10,000 raised

Hidden Kitchens & Missing Treasures

Hidden Kitchens (food) and Missing Treasures (arts, crafts, accessories, decorations) are livelihood initiatives by Humanity Heroes. We identify existing talented refugees from the communities including the ones trained by other organisations and offer them a professional platform to sell their products online internationally. We need some funding to help kick-start everything by developing and setting up the website systems as well as purchasing some equipments and tools to the open house events they organise. This is a sustainable project where this funding is only needed once and the outcome can be used continuously by the beneficiaries. View the online store here.

RM4,500 Open house equipments and tools
RM1,100 Booking system website development
RM1,100 Form customisation system website development
RM850 Subscription system website development
RM400 Event ticketing system website development
RM400 Event calendar system website development
RM350 Payment gateway plugin website development
RM350 Multi-vendor system website development
RM250 Shipping tracking feature website development
RM700 Contingency fund
RM10,000 Total

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