Hidden Kitchens &
Missing Treasures

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Refugees and asylum-seekers cannot work under Malaysian law, but some do seek informal work to survive. Without a real source of financial income to sustain their living, all of them are struggling with getting food, pay rent, healthcare and many other needs for their families.

We found quite a number of them are very skilful and talented with cooking, making crafts, decorations, wearables, accessories, arts other handmade products. However, they do not have the privilege and opportunity like the locals to legally start a business, open a store and sell their products to earn income.

This is what Missing Treasures is all about. Empowering them with everything they need to run a business and sell their products through Humanity Heroes Foundation. Help us make this a reality.


100% Sales Payout

All refugees will be getting 100% of the sales and there won’t be any fees at all to sell with Humanity Heroes

No Middle Person

Unlike other similar initiatives, there will be no middle person and refugees will be selling directly to customers

Self-Managed Business

They set their own product prices, make their own decisions and have total control of their business

Share Low Running Cost

40-45 refugees will be sharing the monthly running cost of the physical store which is expected to be very low

Complete Solution

From online payment gateway, credit card terminal to point of sale, they will have everything a business needs

Support & Guidance

We will be there for them should they need anything and care for their businesses just like our very own


Humanity Heroes Foundation will be opening a physical store in a new prestigious shopping mall, Malaysian Grand Bazaar which is in the same vicinity of Lalaport shopping mall in Bukit Bintang City Centre. Refugees will be able to showcase their products and customers will be able to take a close look at everything.

At the same time, the refugees in the physical store as well as many other refugees with self-made products will be able to showcase their items on a professionally built online store. This will make it possible for them to take their business across many borders and explore unlimited opportunities worldwide.


First hand business experience

Each refugee will volunteer at the store in pairs to run the day to day business. They will learn how to communicate with customers, manage product stocks, receive payments and many more.

Sense of belonging to the store

There will be a compartment on the shelves for each refugees to display their products however they want. It will be their very own space that no one else will disturb.

Healthy business competition

Every year/6-month, all refugee vendors on the online store will be voting for the best 40-45 among them for an opportunity to be in the physical store to showcase and sell their products.

Online store unlimited vendors

Any refugees with self-made products will get an opportunity to sell their products on an online store with Humanity Heroes. There will be no limit to the number of vendors.

No bank account needed

Refugees are generally not allowed to open a bank account in Malaysia. We plan to use an established virtual bank account with debit card to do the payout to them.

Monthly entrepreneurship training

We will invite subject matter experts in different enterpreneurship topics to train the refugees with everything they need to learn in improving and growing their business.

Diverting the limelight

We want customers to buy the products from the refugees, not Humanity Heroes. Their names, country of origins and their short stories will be on their shelf compartments.

Internal community communication

Everyone will be added to the same mobile messaging group, email blast and online forum to ensure seamless communication and the ability to learn from each other.


At the moment, refugees typically sell their products by joining events or weekend bazaars. Sometimes they are lucky and able get the booth for free but most of the time, there’s a fee.

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RM5,232.50 – Store unit rental
RM200.00 – Internet WiFi
RM2,400.00 – Store salesperson x 2

RM7,832.50 – Total


RM5563.00 – Security deposit
RM5,000.00 – Product shelves
RM1,200.00 – CCTV

RM11,763.00 – Total

“I didn’t have a business degree. I didn’t have experience to work in somebody else’s office. I never built or ran a department. So, I was on this journey, and when the time came to make a decision, I was just going with my gut.”

Hamdi Ulukaya

Founder and CEO of Chobani

Hamdi Ulukaya is a Turkish immigrant of Kurdish descent. Read inspiring stories about Hamdi Ulukaya here.


You can help us kickstart and make this project successful and sustainable by contributing financially below. If you are an organisation, business or individual who would like to partner, collaborate or volunteer for this project, you can be in touch with us at admin@humanityheroes.org.

If you are a refugee or asylum-seekers in Malaysia, click here to join.