Youth Initiative Game Night

Blur The Lines: A Game Night with Refugees


Blur the Lines is a youth-led all-inclusive program that aims to foster an accepting stance towards Rohingya refugees. With the belief that learning a language will open doors to cultural empathy, this program comprises a list of virtually action-packed interactive activities that integrate the Rohingya Language.

Get a chance to make new companions and expand your knowledge of the Rohingya Language and cultural traditions in a safe and intimate setting!

Blur the Lines will be held virtually on Gather Town.


1 April 2022

2015 – 2030 hours Arrival of Guests
2030 – 2045 hours Ice Breaking
2045 – 2105 hours Activity 1: Pictionary
2105 – 2125 hours Activity 2: Guess!
2125 – 2155 hours Activity 3: Fish Bowl
2155 – 2220 hours Activity 4: Campfire Stories
2220 – 2230 hours Closing Remark

Event Breakdown


The infamous guessing game with a twist! Participants would have 60 seconds to guess the objects drawn in the Rohingya language. Each right answer will earn the group a point which would then help grow their rankings in the Amazing Race!


A mind-stimulating game requiring each participant to describe their object of choice using a list of provided Rohingya Adjectives. With other participants trying to guess the object in question, this game helps participants familiarize themselves with the Rohingya language.

Fish Bowl

What could be better than combining legendary childhood games such as Taboo, Passwords, and Charades altogether? In this session, participants will be strengthening bonds within their team by taking part in a virtual immersive game that might help boost their memory.

Campfire Stories

In An intimate sharing session, participants will be provided with a safe space to share their personal experiences, cultures, and joys of life all while enjoying the company of their newfound friends.

Technical Details

Blur the Lines Game Night will take place on Gather, a virtual space that centers around fully customizable spaces, making spending time with communities just as easy as in real-life.

Before entering the space we highly advise that you view the video below on how to navigate Gather: How to use Gather as an Attendee.