Youth Initiative Online Quiz


A picture means a thousand words and so does a poster! This is your chance to shine and show us your creativity skills while raising awareness regarding refugees and migrants in Malaysia.

All you have to do is express your imagination on the solidarity between Malaysian and our fellow refugees and migrants on a poster. You are into paperless arts now? Don’t worry, we have two categories – physical and digital poster so there is no excuse not to enter! Go get your brushes, pens and colours ready to stand a chance to win cash prizes!

Competition Dates

There are 3 levels in this competition. You will have to join all 3 levels on 3 different weekends to maximise your score. You may also join some of the levels and still stand a chance to win if you are super fast in answering any question right! Kindly refer to the scoring segment for more details.

  • Beginner level – 27 March 2022 (30 multiple choice questions)
  • Intermediate level – 3 April 2022 (20 multiple choice questions)
  • Advance level – 10 April 2022 (15 multiple choice questions)


The online quiz will be played on Kahoot platform which will be done live on Google Meet. We will send you the details via email and WhatsApp on how to join the online quiz. You will need to view 2 screens to join this online quiz. Google meet to see the quesions and answers on the live session and also internet browser window.

You may join the online quiz by using any of the combination below:

  1. Computer and phone (easiest): Use Google Meet on computer to watch the session and answer questions using internet browser on phone.
  2. Computer only (easy): Fixed split screen, use Google Meet to watch the session and use internet browser to answer.
  3. Phone only (not so easy): Constantly switching app, use Google Meet to watch the session and use internet browser to answer.


The winners will be selected from scores accumulated from in all 3 levels. So, the more levels you join, the higher chance for you to win. The faster you answer any question, the higher score you will get even when others are answering the same right answer. 


  • RM200 + 1 Humanity Heroes t-shirt + 1 humanitarian book to the 5 top highest scores (total 3 levels)
  • RM100 + 1 Humanity Heroes t-shirt + 1 humanitarian book to the next 5 highest scores (total 3 levels)

Rules and Regulations

  • This online quiz is open to anyone from the public.
  • 1 participant is only allowed to join the online quiz as 1 user only.
  • The judges decisions are final.
  • The organiser has the right to refuse or cancel any participation that is going against fair game.
  • The organiser may change the details, rules and regulations of the online quiz without prior notice.
  • The results of the award may be published on all platforms belonging to the the organisers including social media, publications and other platforms.