Youth Initiative Webinar

A confluence of youths, refugees, and migrants


In partnership with, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Malaysia, Humanity Heroes, and Southern University College, Alien No More is organizing the Youth initiative Webinar: A confluence of youths, refugees, and migrants.

The webinar is a one-day event that aims to break down entrenched stereotypes on refugees and raise awareness of their plights as they navigate living in a foreign land. The featured programs of the event are keynote addresses, a forum session, a networking mixer, a craft workshop, and a policy discussion.

Behind every migration statistic, there are countless individuals or families starting a new life in a new place. Therefore, the webinar will be themed “The Refugee and Migrant Dilemma: Tiptoeing Around Integration” The event will delve deep into how social inclusion and integration policies contribute to progress, true and personal stories from the community, and how we can support the issue collectively.


2 April 2022

1045 – 1100 hours Arrival of Guests
1100 – 1115 hours Opening Remarks
1115 – 1140 hours

Opening Keynote – A Slice of the Pie: Inclusion & Progress

Speaker: Dr Melati Nungsari, Assistant Professor of Economics and Research Affiliate, Asia School of Business

International Faculty Fellow at MIT

1140 – 1300 hours

Forum Session – Ears to the Ground: Communal Perspectives

Ms Farzana Yakta, Actress at Parastoo Theatre

Mr Omar Youcef, Director at Refugee Network Center Malaysia

1300 – 1315 hours

Closing Keynote – Towards a Sustainable Solution: What’s Next?

Speaker: Ms Kendra Rinas, Chief of Mission at IOM Malaysia

1330 – 1530 hours

Session A: Accessories Workshop (SUC) [Register here]

Session B: Case Study Policy Discussion (ANM)

Keynote Addresses & Forum Session

A melting pot of perspectives and ideas, this session will host distinguished speakers from different facets, such as activism and academia, to share their rich insights on the topic with participants. You will also have a first-hand opportunity to listen to heartful stories from the community, gaining a clearer picture of the challenges, be it employment, education, welfare, or living environment.

The keynote addresses and forum session aims to:

  1. Ensure accurate information on refugees, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable populations is disseminated through our respected and distinguished speakers.
  2. Share heartful stories and experiences that the refugees and the people who work closely with them go through on a daily basis.
  3. Gain insights on ways to improve the current landscape of refugee welfare in Malaysia.

Accessories Workshop

In conjunction with the Youth Initiative Webinar, an online Accessories workshop will be held through Zoom meeting. We will learn together from Ms.Farzaneh as she shares her skills and guides participants step by step to create their own necklace accessory. What a wonderful chance and experience for you.

Policy Discussion

As a youth-led collective of talented and passionate young Malaysians, Alien No More is committed to fighting local stigmas towards refugees that have found safety in our country. We intend to foster a sense of community and awareness to promote accepting stances among the general public.

With that said, we hope to develop more hopeful, bright-eyed youth who go on to make an impact in the fields of their choice. The policy discussion aims to empower our participants with the knowledge and skills of the world of policymaking, where they can implement them in future leadership roles or make an impact in the public policy space.

This policy discussion aims to allow participants to:

  • Understand how policymakers make tough decisions in regards to issues pertaining to refugees.
  • Understand the importance of working as a collective unit to achieve a common goal.
  • Inculcate and stimulate creativity, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills.

The policy discussion will take place on Wonder, a virtual interactive space that empowers users with freedom of movement and leaves everyone energised.

Before you enter the space, we HIGHLY advise you to view this video on how to navigate Wonder.