Youth Initiative Acessories Workshop


In conjunction with the Youth Initiative Webinar, an online accessories workshop will be held through Zoom meeting on 2nd April 2022 from 1.30-3.30 pm. We will learn together from Ms.Farzaneh as she shares her skills and guides participants step by step to create their own necklace accessory. Accessories workshop will be started after the break of the forum session. What a wonderful chance and experience for you.


All you have to do is register for a minimal fee of RM10 and we will deliver the materials to your doorstep! You will be able to learn the skills and make a meaningful craft on your own with only paying RM10!

Workshop Details

The set of material that is posted to participants are for the use of craft making during the workshop. Teaching session will be guided by Ms Farzaneh. Participants are encouraged to post their final works on social media with the hashtags given during the workshop. Videos will be provided after the workshop to make sure the participants are able to catch up the making process and complete it.


There is a ticketing section during the registration process. You may make payment by choosing your preferred payment method. To avoid delay in the postage, please register and make payment before 30th March 2022. 

Workshop Details

In conjunction with the Youth Initiative Craft Workshop, a webinar will be held through Zoom meeting. Check it out here and register if you are interested.


Shi Joh: +6018874 9830
Rui Xin: +60113673 2395
Prav: +60177881519